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Since their inception in 2018, BEYOND EXTINCTION have merged and warped the subgenres of heavy music to hone their craft into a blend of some of the most Brutal audio experiences a listener can experience both live and recorded.

Despite the fact the majority of the members are younger than 20, with bassist Niall Ivie and guitarist Zach Scott only leaving school this year, they have cemented themselves as an unstoppable force in underground heavy music. This was confirmed with their inclusion at BLOODSTOCK 2021, their first major festival appearance which went down with critical acclaim (Distorted Sound).

Their unforgiving live show paired with their debut recorded EP - THE FATAL FLAWS OF HUMAN KIND - has left all who encounter them astonished by the force this group holds. With Kerrang!, RamZine, Distorted Sound and more expressing their high ratings of the band's debut.

This is just the beginning, BEYOND EXTINCTION will be delivering their sound across the nation and with more recorded releases.